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Seachem Prime 500ml

Seachem Prime 500ml

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Seachem Prime is a concentrated conditioner designed to remove harmful chemicals such as chlorine and chloramine from freshwater and saltwater aquariums. The pet safe formula detoxifies ammonia, nitrites and nitrates as well as provides essential ions and contributes to the production of a natural slime coat. Seachem Prime is five times more concentrated than competing products and will also detoxify any heavy metals found in the tap water at typical concentration levels. Aquarists can rest assured knowing that the solution is non-acidic and will not impact delicate pH balances in the aquarium, and reef hobbyists specifically will appreciate the fact that Prime will not over activate skimmers.

Prime is the perfect addition to any tank during cycling as it effectively alleviates ammonia and nitrite toxicity as the formula contains a binder which renders ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate non-toxic, allowing the biofilter to more efficiently remove them permanently. Perfect for new tanks and whenever you are adding or replacing water. Comes in a 1 liter bottle.

Directions For Use:

Use 1 capful (5 mL) for each 200 L (50 US gallons) of new aquarium water. For smaller volumes, it is important to remember that each cap thread is approximately 1 mL.The soltuion can be added to the aquarium directly, but it is significantly better if added to the new water first. If you are adding the solution directly to the aquarium, base the dose level on the aquarium volume. A sulfur odor is normal. For exceptionally high chloramine concentrations, a double dose can be used safely without harming aquatic pets. To detoxify nitrite in an emergency situation, up to 5 times normal dose may be used. If temperature shows to be > 30 °C (86 °F) and chlorine or ammonia levels are lower than normal, use a half dose.

Use 1 capful (5 mL) for each 200 L (50 US gallons) of aquarium water or as required to maintain about 0.10 mg/L of iron. For smaller doses, it is important to note that each cap thread is approximately 1 mL. Use the MultiTest Iron test kit to monitor iron concentrations in the aquarium. Due to rapid utilization, it is important to test the water within 30 minutes. Use as needed to combat signs of iron deficiency (usually seen in new growth) which include: chlorosis (yellowing) of tissue between veins and short and slender stems.

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