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NaturPet ® Paw & Skin Cream

NaturPet ® Paw & Skin Cream

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Soothe and heal your dog's paws with NaturPet® Paw & Skin

A healthy dog is an active dog. NaturePet's Paw & Skin is a natural healing cream for dogs and helps to provide soothing relief for your best friend's feet and skin. Cracked feet, itchy dogs, infections and hot spots can spoil your dog's fun. This paw cream can even help repair broken or brittle dog nails! Let NaturePet's Paw & Skin get them back on their feet and running again!

INGREDIENTS: Proprietary blend containing:

Purified water, coconut oil, olive oil, chaparral leaf, white oak bark, chickweed herb, comfrey root, lobelia herb, marshmallow root, red clover flower, goldenseal root, stearic acid, cetearyl alcohol and polysorbate 60, neem leaf, propolis, bee's wax, grape seed oil, glycerin, germall plus, tea tree essential oil, Vitamin E, borax.


Apply to skin and paws. Massage until well absorbed, paying special attention to hot spots, dry skin, cracked paw pads, and itchy areas.


For external use only. Not suitable for cats.

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