Nature's Miracle - Litter

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Dust-free corn cat litter for more natural odor control. 

Nature’s MiracleNatural Care Litter controls tough odors and is gentle enough for your cat or kitten. Featuring Nature’s Miracle’s Advanced Bio-Enzymatic Odor ControlSystem, this formula begins to destroy urine, feces, and ammonia odors on contact to prevent odors from spreading throughout the home and will continue to work to eliminate odors for a fresh litter box environment. Natural corn cob granules absorb four times more than conventional clay litters and are fast-clumping to trap odors and wetness quickly—preventing sticky, messy cleanup.  The light weight, non-toxic formula is sifted to ensure a gentle surface that is easy on cuts or wounds and soft enough for your indoor cat or kitten. Nature’s Miracle NaturalCare Litter contains no clay or dyes, relies on natural pine odor control, and is virtually dust-free for a healthier litter box environment for your cat.