Collection: Weruva

Weruva was created by Stacey and David Foreman and is inspired and name after their three rescue cats, Webster, Rudi, and Vanessa. They were unable to find products to meet their high standards and so decided to start their own pet food company. Also, once the couple adopted a dog by the name of Baron, they decided to expand their brand’s products to dog food.


Weruva is one of the few pet food brands to produce its food in what it considers a “human-grade facility.” What this means, in short, is that the ingredients that they use in their recipes and formulas are suitable for human consumption and not what we would consider inedible or inferior cuts of meat.

The processing of Weruva Pet Food allows some of the ingredients to maintain their appearance, so they are recognizable. This is surprisingly uncommon, and most dog and cat food tends to have a very generic look and feel.

While it is debatable whether these more natural-looking cuts of meat provide any nutritional benefit, they can provide your pet with a more realistic texture, taste, and smell.

One fact about Weruva that gives it an edge over its competition is the type of Chicken it uses in its recipes. While most brands tend to use lower-quality or less preferred cuts of Chicken, due to their lower cost, Weruva uses boneless, skinless cuts of breast meat, which could be easily compared to what we humans pick up in our local grocery store.

Pet foods produced outside of the United States, in countries such as China or South America, generally have connotations surrounding them with concerns about safety and quality. However, it appears, in this unique case, that Weruva maintains its high-quality production despite outsourcing it to Thailand instead of the United States.

Weruva Product Range

Cat Food

While most cat food brands produce a mix of dry and wet formulas, Weruva is one of the only brands just to produce wet cat food. While this might sound like a negative trait, this could be considered a positive by some.

This is as cats are not adequately suited to only eat dry food, and eating just dry food can lead to serious health concerns such as dehydration and urinary tract problems.

Another positive is that Weruva’s wet cat food range is that it is extensive and varied. Some ranges utilize a variety of meat and fish ingredients to ensure that there will be at least one, if not a few, that your feline friend enjoys thoroughly.

Dog Food

Despite being best known for its cat food, Weruva produces a notable range of dog food products. This includes traditional dry kibble, which does not cause adverse effects for dogs, alongside pouches and canned dog food.

Their dry food range is relatively small, but all of the formulas provide excellent nutrition, with a far higher proportion of protein and fat than some of their competitor’s formulas. This nutrition will be discussed in more detail later on.

The canned dog food range is also notable, not just because of its vast size, but because of the unique flavors and recipes provided. Similar to the cat food range, Weruva canned dog food formulas have very flamboyant and extravagant names such as Steak Frites, Bed and Breakfast, and Peking Ducken. Most dog food brand tends to have somewhat generic formulas, but Weruva certainly breaks the mold.