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If you are looking for a pet food company that takes pet nutrition seriously, look no further than ZiwiPeak dog food/cat food.

This New Zealand-based pet food company follows the tagline, “born of love, crafted with goodness” which is just a hint at their nutritional philosophy.

ZiwiPeak understands that quality nutrition is the key to long-term health and vitality for pets which is why they use only locally-sourced, human-grade ingredients in their air-dried and moist dog foods.

Every one of ZiwiPeak’s recipes contains up to 95% fresh meat, seafood, organs, and bone plus wholesome fruits, veggies, and supplements. All of ZiwiPeak’s products are free from common allergens including inexpensive fillers and all of their meats are grass-fed, free-range, and free from antibiotics and hormones.

ZiwiPeak may not offer the same level of variety as other pet food manufacturers but the quality of their products is hard to beat.

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