Special Orders

Not Seeing Something You Need?

You’re in luck! Pet Cuisine is there with any of your special order requests!

Do you need:

  • A Case of Wet Cat Food?
  • A Special bag of Royal Canin Food?
  • A Cat Scratcher?
  • Small Pet Products
  • Special Sized Dog Crate?
  • Special Supplements for your furry friend?
  • Rare and amazing Treats?

We are excited to offer you the ability to special order certain products. We ask you to please Leave your NAME, EMAIL,and PHONE NUMBER as well as the product you are looking for. Please be as detailed as you can. Brand Name, Flavour, Colour, Size etc. We will call you within 48 hours to confirm your order. 

***Some products take longer for shipments than others. Some products may not be available as steadily as others. Please note we will contact you with any changes in expected arrival by phone and email.***  

Waiting for a Special Order?!

Please reach out again and ask! We would love to know if plans or situations have changed as well as answer any questions you may have regarding your orders. 

Thanks Again!

George, Theodore, and the entire Pet Cuisine Staff!

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