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Rotala (LOCAL)

Rotala (LOCAL)

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Rotala is a popular genus of aquatic plants that can add a delicate and graceful touch to any aquarium. Aquarium Plants Factory offers several Rotala species that can be an excellent addition to your aquascape. Here are some of the Rotala species available:

Rotala Indica - This species has small, narrow leaves that grow in whorls around the stem. It can be an excellent background plant or a mid-ground plant in larger aquariums.

Rotala Rotundifolia - A versatile species that has roundish leaves that can grow in shades of green, pink, or red, depending on the light conditions and nutrients available. It can be an excellent foreground or mid-ground plant.

Rotala Wallichii - This species has long, narrow leaves that can grow in shades of green, red, or orange, depending on the lighting and nutrient conditions. It can be an excellent background or mid-ground plant.

All Rotala species require high light and nutrient-rich water to thrive, and some may benefit from CO2 supplementation. Aquarium Plants Factory offers these Rotala species as individual plants or as a complete set, making it easy to add these delicate and graceful plants to your aquarium. Be sure to research the specific requirements of each species to provide the best conditions for them to grow and flourish in your aquarium.

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