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Betta, Doubletail - Male

Betta, Doubletail - Male

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The Twintail Betta (Betta splendens), also referred to as the double-tail betta, is a breed of Betta fish characterized by its two distinct tails. These betta fish come in a very vast assortment of colours, please call in advance if you have a preference. 

Care for these animals is easy due to their hardiness. The general recommended aquarium size for these animals is 2.5 gallons of water. Smaller tanks will need to be cleaned more frequently. A filter is not necessary, as betta fish can breathe air from the surface of the water, but frequent (daily) water changes will need to be done if no filter is provided. These are tropical animals and need their water temperature to be in the high 70's, otherwise, they will be lethargic, show poor colouration, and get sick easily. Betta fish live for 4 years on average when cared for well.

Betta fish can be kept with other tankmates but will fight to the death with other betta fish. Never keep two betta fish together, regardless of their sex. They can live peacefully with aquatic snails, and will peaceful community fish. Be wary when adding shrimp (they might end up as food), and be careful if adding fish species that may look similar to betta fish (such as some guppies). Adding any other tankmates to your betta's tank will require a filter.


(Photo credit "Betta Solutions")

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