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Animal Treasures

Animal Treasures Cat Tree Scratcher - Condo - 42"

Animal Treasures Cat Tree Scratcher - Condo - 42"

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Cat Tree Scratcher - Condo - 42"

Every feline owner knows that cats love to climb and scratch their furniture. These actions are in their nature! Animal Treasures Condo Cat Tree Scratcher provides your feline with a designated space where climbing, scratching, playing and sleeping are appropriate. The Condo Cat Tree features several pillar scratch posts throughout the entire structure, where felines can mark their territory by scratching, trimming and cleaning their nails. The uneven structure of this cat tree provides a fun experience for the adventurous cat. On the first level is a dark resting hole surrounded by comfortable fabric and scratchable walls. Above the first level, a hanging tube is attached to the third floor ceiling for cats to rest and play in. The topmost tower allows your felines to view their domain and observe the environment like they would normally do in the wild. Below this topmost tower dangles a fluffy toy mouse, perfect for playtime. This stylish Condo has warm and woven brown toned colors that will look great in any space. Bring the Condo Cat Tree home and give your felines a space of their own, where they can do what cats do best!

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