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Assorted Danio Glofish

Assorted Danio Glofish

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GloFish offers a variety of freshwater fish species that have been genetically modified to display fluorescent colours. Contrary to popular belief, these colours are not the result of dye injections and are passed down through genetics.

GloFish needs the same level of care as their regular-colored counterparts. The most important thing to consider when getting a GloFish danio though is that these fish come from cold-water environments and they will need a lower temperature than most community freshwater fish.The zebra danio is a schooling fish that has high activity levels in the aquarium. This means that it’s best to keep them in as large of a tank as possible, though a 10-gallon (37.9 L) aquarium will comfortably keep a school of six; for every additional fish added past this, a larger tank size is required.

In the aquarium, it’s usually best to keep the water temperature between 68-72° F (20.0-22.2° C) with a relatively neutral pH between 6.5-8.As long as you have an appropriate number of danios, then you can safely put a good amount of cold-water species with them. However, it’s important to match the active behaviour of these fish with other fish in order to keep stress levels from rising in the tank; because of this, it’s best to avoid slow-moving and more docile fish.

GloFish danios are not picky eaters, though you want to make sure to feed a variety of foods that keep their colours the brightest that they can possibly be. In the wild, these zebra danios are omnivores, which means that they eat both animal- and plant-based foods.

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