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Baxter & Bella - Shelf-Cleaning Curved Deshedder Cat

Baxter & Bella - Shelf-Cleaning Curved Deshedder Cat

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• Removes undercoat and reduces shedding
• Unique curved blade contours to pet’s body
• Self cleaning option to quickly release collected hair
• Replaceable blade
• Gentle on skin and top coat
• Non-slip, ergonomic handle

Remove tangles or mats before using the de-shedder
• For the best results bathe your pet before using the de-shedder
• Use only on a dry coat
• Not suitable for kittens or hairless and non shedding breeds
• Gently brush along the direction of fur growth (rough brushing can cause skin irritation)
• Avoid excessive brushing in a single area, cover large areas using long strokes pulling
up and away from skin
• Take extra care in sensitive areas (stomach, legs, genitals and anus)
• Release the collected hair by pushing the slider on the top of the brush forward
• BLADE REPLACEMENT: Press the button on the top of the brush while pulling the
blade forward. Insert your replacement blade

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