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Betta Alien (Male)

Betta Alien (Male)

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The alien betta (Male in this case), or otherwise known as Betta smaragdina, is an unusual species of fish with a unique and striking appearance. They are native to Thailand and are considered to be one of the oldest betta species in existence. They are also known as "Shield Betta" due to their hard, shield-like scales, which protect them from predators. The fish was ultimately given its name due to its unique and alien-like appearance. Its bright colours, large eyes, and hard, shield-like scales are unlike those of any other species. It is truly an enigmatic and exotic freshwater fish. When it comes to diet, alien bettas are omnivorous and feed on both plant material and insect larvae. To keep them healthy, they should be provided with granular, or pellet foods supplemented with fresh or frozen foods like shrimp, worms and bloodworms. When kept in the right environment, alien bettas can live harmoniously with other peaceful fish, such as cory catfish. They do best when kept alone in a tank of their own, however, as they can become territorial with other fish if overcrowded.

Alien bettas prefer water temperatures between 72-80°F and prefer neutral to slightly acidic water with a pH level of 6.0-7.5.
They should also have ample areas of plants for hiding and swimming.

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