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Columbia Blue Redtail

Columbia Blue Redtail

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The Red and Blue Columbian Tetra derives its name from its bright red tail and reflective body. It is native to the Caribbean coast of northern Colombia and thrives in small streams in the Acanti River basin. This habitat features heavy vegetation and tree roots that provide good cover for the fish.

These fish look amazing in tanks full of live aquarium plants. A planted aquarium of not less than 20 gallons would make an ideal environment for them. Rocks and driftwood help recreate their natural habitat and relieve stress on the fish.

The Red and Blue Columbian Tetra is among the most aggressive Tetra fish species, so they can get along with aggressive, nippy, but active Tetras such as Blind Cave Tetras and Serpae Tetras. You can also keep them with Mollies, Corydoras, Swordtails, Plecostomus, Zebra Danio, Platies, and Silver Hatchets.

However, you should keep them away from smaller Tetras and other small-sized fish, as they often bully small and defenseless fish. Occasionally, you may see them chasing other tank mates and nipping their fins. Therefore, you should also avoid keeping them with slower fish with flowing fins like fancy guppies.

Red and Blue Columbian Tetras are omnivores and not picky on food. They will accept various small foods, including brine shrimp or Daphnia, micro pellet food, freeze-dried blood worms and tubifex, and quality flake food. To promote their colors, it’s best to feed them a balanced diet, such as frozen blood worms and quality flakes. Avoid providing them only flaked foods.

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