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Flourish Tabs- 10pk

Flourish Tabs- 10pk

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Every aquarium owner needs this secret weapon in their arsenal! Seachem Flourish Tabs are powerful and effective growth stimulating tablets that have been designed to target delicate plant roots. These small, compact tablets contain essential trace elements such as amino acids, and vitamins and are rich in iron, manganese, magnesium, calcium, potassium, inositol, chlorine b12, biotin, and other compounds that have been proven to be exceptionally beneficial to the development of aquatic plant roots. Seachem Flourish Tabs contain no phosphate or nitrate that often contribute to the proliferation of algae. Each pack of 10 tablets treats a 12" x 30" inch plant bed two times. Comes in a pack of 10.


Insert one Seachem Flourish Tab in the substrate every 10-15 cm (4-6 in.) apart. A standard 10 gallon aquarium requires only 6 tabs and the tablets should be distributed evenly throughout the gravel bed. Push each tablet midway into the gravel bed. New tablets can be added once every three to four months for optimal plant growth. The tabs will not alter pH levels, but, in very soft or unbuffered water, they have slightly acidic properties similar to peat moss.
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