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Fluval Premium Betta Kit 10L(2.5 US Gal)

Fluval Premium Betta Kit 10L(2.5 US Gal)

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The Betta Premium Aquarium Kit is designed to replicate the natural tropical habitats of B. splendens and comes equipped with custom filtration, natural soft glow LED lighting and a convenient pre-set heater.

Key Features :

Custom Betta filtration with up to 6 stage cleaning for maximum water quality and clarity
Gentle intake features multiple slots over a large area to help slow water entry and protect delicate Betta fins
Patent pending Diffusion Chamber disperses flow and polishes water during final stage of filtration to mimic clean, slow-moving currents of indigenous Betta habitats
Natural soft glow LED lighting is energy efficient and creates a relaxed atmosphere to simulate naturally shaded Betta environments
Fully integrated pre-set 10W heater consistently maintains a Betta’s ideal tropical water temperature (78°F / 26°C)
All necessary media included (mechanical, chemical, biological)
Dimensions: 10.75″ L x 8.75″ W x 14.75″ H / 27.3 x 22.2 x 37.5 cm
Included :

2.6 US Gal / 10 L all glass aquarium
Aquarium cover (Item #A14657 )
Soft Glow LED light (Item #A14707)
LED Power supply (Item #A14708)
10W Pre-set heater (Item #A743)
Circulation pump (Item #A14652)
Circulation pump hose (Item #A14712)
Diffusion chamber (Item #A1376)
Carbon insert (Item #A1377)
BIOMAX insert (Item #A1378)
Betta Diffusion Chamber pad (Item #A1337)
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