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Glofish Tetra Assorted

Glofish Tetra Assorted

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A gregarious and robust fish, the GloFish is a black tetra genetically modified to have a brightly coloured fluorescent body! Like other tetras, the GloFish is best kept in groups of at least six. Does not disturb plants and generally coexists well with species of similar size.

Since these fish can be sensitive to nitrate levels, it is ideal to stay on top of water changes and make sure your water is always at optimal quality. This is especially important if they are being kept in a small tank that will require more maintenance. They should not be added to a tank that hasn't been properly cycled. 

They will eat small live or frozen foods like brine shrimp or daphnia but will also readily accept high quality micro pellet and flake foods. They will also enjoy bloodworms and tubifex, whether they are live, frozen or freeze dried. 

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