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NaturPet ® Ear Drops 10ml

NaturPet ® Ear Drops 10ml

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The right balance of herbs to help relieve ear pain and inflammation.

Our Ear Drops are a great treatment and preventative for your pet's ears. This herbal formula has been used for decades as an effective treatment for many kinds of ear conditions including outer and inner ear infections. NaturPet® Ear Drops works to reduce inflammation and pain through a combination of herbs. These herbs have antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory benefits and contain ingredients to offset problems with tinnitus and dizziness.

Basil Oil, Bergamot Oil.

Olive Oil, Calendula, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera.


Put a few drops in the ear canal. Apply with a swab to exposed outer ear surfaces. Place Ear Drops in a bowl of warm water to warm up the drops. This will add comfort to your pet's ears. Some breeds of dogs are vulnerable to swimmer's ear. Place Ear Drops into ear before going near the water to prevent Swimmer's Ear.


For use in healthy ears only unless recommended by a veterinarian. Avoid getting into eyes. Not for use after surgery as it may delay wound healing. Do not use in pregnant or lactating animals. Discontinue and consult a veterinarian if redness, discharge or discomfort occurs after use.

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