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NorthFin™ Flakes PRO Fish Food 2.3oz

NorthFin™ Flakes PRO Fish Food 2.3oz

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 Gentle Cooking

NorthFin uses a state of the art, low heat Steam Extrusion process to manufacture its premium product line. NorthFin’s Double Screw Steam Extrusion process is a gentle form of cooking ingredients. This is beneficial for nutrients and vitamins to be kept intact right through the finished product. Meanwhile a conventional dry extruding process degrades and destroys significant percentages of nutrients and vitamins.

Freshly Made

NorthFin is using very special Antarctica Krill that is flash frozen and shipped to Canada (Preservative free). Whole Herring/Sardine meals that NorthFin receives are preserved with Naturox and are USDA, CFIA and EU Category 3 approved. The combination of certain ingredients/vitamins, along with the drying process itself allows the foods to be naturally preserved.

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