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Painted Glass Fish (Two Colours)

Painted Glass Fish (Two Colours)

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The glass fish is a freshwater fish of the Ambassidae family. Glass fish have captivating, transparent bodies with high fins. The fish are popular in the aquarium hobby because of their social yet docile nature and active swimming style. Glass fish are schooling fish that thrive in groups of at least five. The glass fish is also commonly referred to as the painted glass fish, especially when they’ve been injected with coloured dyes.

Scientific name: Parambassis ranga
Common names: Glass fish, painted glass fish, Indian glass fish, Indian x-ray fish, Indian glassy perch
Distribution: India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Malaysia, Cambodia
Size: Up to 3.1 inches
Life expectancy: 3–4 years
Colour: Transparent
Diet: Carnivore
Temperament: Peaceful
Minimum tank size: 15 gallons; 30 gallons for a small school
Temperature: 68–86°F (20–30°C)
pH: 6.5–8.0
Hardness: 8–20 dGH
Care level: Easy
Breeding: Egg scatterers

The glass fish gets its name from its transparent, glass-like body. In the appropriate tank setup, glass fish are peaceful and won’t disturb other tank mates. 
Glass fish are shy, peaceful schooling fish that show off their best colors and behaviors in groups of five or more. These fish are active, fast swimmers and dart around the middle and lower regions of the tank. Glass fish require lots of hiding spots to feel safe and secure. They aren’t aggressive, but males can be territorial with each other during breeding time. The tank should be spacious and females should always outnumber males.

Glass fish are carnivores. The fish’s diet should consist of frozen and live foods, such as mosquito larvae, tubiflex, brine shrimp, and bloodworms.

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