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Rainbow Neon Dwarf

Rainbow Neon Dwarf

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Melanotaenia praecox is a 3-inch (8 cm) rainbowfish found in streams and tributaries of the New Guinea rainforest. The males have a shiny blue body with red-orange fins, whereas the females have a silvery body with yellow fins.

Since they are a fast-swimming fish, we recommend keeping them in a longer aquarium, such as a 20-gallon long or 29-gallon tank at the minimum. Dwarf neon rainbows come from tropical habitats and do well in 74–80°F (23–27°C). While they can handle a wide range of pH and GH, they prefer harder, alkaline water.

Neon rainbows look amazing in planted aquariums, and taller plants can help block line of sight when the males are tussling with each other. Just make sure the foliage doesn’t get too overgrown because rainbowfish like to have open areas to freely swim.

In general, rainbowfish are schooling fish that require at least 6 or more of the same species. While males are more brightly colorful than females, make sure to keep at least 1–2 females for every male to minimize their squabbling. Plus, males display their best colors and get a shiny stripe on their heads when they show off in front of females.

With their deeper-bodied profile and quick speed, they can go well with many similar-sized tank mates, ranging from peaceful to semi-aggressive temperaments. We have kept them with angelfish, pearl gouramis, tetras, corydoras catfish, and smaller cichlids. While they will make a meal out of your cherry shrimp, they seem to leave larger amano shrimp and filter shrimp alone.

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