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SmartCat - Corner Litter Box Grey

SmartCat - Corner Litter Box Grey

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Litter boxes—like tantrum-throwing-three-year-olds— could use a little more time in the corner. Okay… the litter box could stay there permanently. Keep your feline friend's potty place from becoming the center of attention by tucking it away in a corner. The SmartCat Corner Litter Box has a triangular shape that makes it perfect for occupying unusable corner space and 8-inch high sides to prevent waste from being kicked out.

Key Benefits
  • Triangular shape fits perfectly into corners and can be easily tucked away.
  • Designed to help keep the litter contained in the box with its high sides. Perfect for cats that tend to kick there litter.
  • Features a convenient litter fill line to show exactly how much litter to use.
  • Perfect for homes with limited space. Designed to be space-saving.
  • Made with durable plastic resin, this product is meant to last and will stand the test of time!
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