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Tiki - Grill Canned Cat Food

Tiki - Grill Canned Cat Food

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It’s the Real Deal

Seeing is believing. Simply open a can or pouch, and see for yourself – whole, identifiable ingredients that look like they belong in your bowl, not theirs.


High-quality animal protein is essential for cats. Tiki Pets™ foods are packed with protein from high-quality animal sources, like nutrient-dense organ meat, lamb, whole prawns, flaked fish and shredded chicken, not plant protein.


Leave the carb counting to us. Since cats don’t need carbohydrates, we can count to zero pretty quickly.


It’s Nature’s Copycat

Tiki Pets™ foods are designed to mimic cats and dogs’ natural prey diets – meaning, high protein, low or no carbs with meat first. Plus, our wet foods are hand-packed with high moisture levels to give cats and dogs the benefits of supplemental water.


It’s a Picky Eater’s Paradise

It’s not just good; it’s bowl-licking, begging-for-more good. And, with so many options – flavours, textures and serving styles – your pet may never turn their nose up again.


Air-dried lamb morsels? Got it. Wild salmon and chicken in a delicate consommé? That too. Tiki Pets™ offers a variety of enticing textures – chunky wet food, smooth wet food, gravy toppers, dry meat toppers, crunchy kibble, you name it – available in more flavours than you can shake a stick at. 


All Tiki Pets™ products can be served alone or combined with other products. Sprinkle some Dash smoked fish flakes onto your cat’s wet food. Squeeze some savoury Bisque onto your dog’s kibble. The more you mix it up, the more cred you’ll get at mealtime.

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