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Betta Fish (Male) - Veiltail

Betta Fish (Male) - Veiltail

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The Veiltail Betta is one of the most common Betta varieties and one of the most popular Betta tail types kept in home aquariums. Veiltail Betta keepers maintain that this variety is more outgoing and friendly than other Betta types, as they will wiggle their tails in the presence of their owners and will even move around the tank to get a better view of their keepers!  Despite the Betta’s reputation for fighting and aggression, Veiltails are docile and peaceful fish with calm and pleasant personalities. That said, like all Betta types, male fish will fight in the presence of another male to defend their territory. Veiltail Bettas are characterized by a long, swooping, and flowing tail that tends to droop from just behind the fin (caudal peduncle).

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